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Health Technology for managing Health & finance

Health Technology for managing Health & finance

Health Technology for managing Health & finance Health Technology for managing Health & finance

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Experience and Professionalism

Experience and Professionalism

The Clinical Comments platform  innovatively fits into the nexus between health and finance. Offerings are based on  e-tools for both health staff and everyday people to manage health delivery and personal health respectively with the added unique value preposition of digital financial inclusion based on the premise that Finance is a determinant of Health.

Experience and Professionalism

Experience and Professionalism

Experience and Professionalism

ultidisciplinary teams formed from within and without Service Hub Ltd. have delivered both on health-worker-facing and patient-facing solutions .

Our rich network  helps us to achieve  projects requiring intersectoral collaboration , involving, banking, telecoms, education , media , NGO ( including  United Ntions) and health sectors earning us the "nexus" description

Service Hub Ltd is proud to have reached millions through media campaigns , 1 in 10 doctors through digital ( including e-learning) and 2000+ pregnant

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Financial Digital services

Trimester Save - Digital Health & finance solutions

Weather it's the health worker or the patient, finance plays a big role."finance is a determinant of health " is a public health favourite quote 

At trimester save the focus is on quarterly financial planning to ensure healthcare is accessible with hindrance from lack of adequate financing.

Health workers as individuals can organise their finances and save. Health institutions can receive payments and patients can have savings  strengthening the entire ecosystem.

Ward State: Hospita Logistics & Field Human Resource Management

Automated  information and knowledge sharing between field workers, health facilities and patients is key for maximum impact in health delivery. When this information integrates logistics such as pharmacy care and realtime information on locationtion of filed staff even more value is created  

The Blood Pressure Tracker

The single most important risk factor in the field with regard to health of adults is  blood pressure.  It's a leading cause of maternal mortality through pregnancy induced hypertension . For men, strokes and heart attacks stem from failure to control hypertension, causing devastation with economic implication for families.

Simple monitoring can give you a head start , digitally enabling this is a gift to the health  team!

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Inventorory Management &  Referral Center  Update( Ward State)

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